OREBIĆ – the Pelješać peninsula: discover the Croatian Tuscany, well-known for its red wine and in particular, its famous Dingač.

Orebić is a seaside resort situated north of Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian coast. The town is facing the ultra-famous nearby Korčula and is well-known for its exceptionally mild climate: a lot of “master mariners” established their main residence there, as is shown by their majestic, history-filled buildings.

The highly busy harbour attracts more and more tourists seeking for authenticity; the cruise ships, more and more present in the bay, are the best ambassadors for this new trend.

You will discover the charm of the old town walking quietly through the narrow streets, with the cool freshness of the stone, with the small shops and Konobainviting you in their warm atmosphere: you have to live it to believe it!